evil science lab

Alpha-Omega Virus

Have you ever performed a science experiment inside of an escape room before?  Well now is your chance and you get to save the world while you are at it!

Evil Dr. Jacob Jacoby has synthesized one of the deadliest viruses known to man - The Alpha-Omega Virus.  As any "good" scientist, he has created the anti-virus as well to cure anyone infected.  The bad news is he has hidden clues to synthesizing it somewhere in his high security lab. The good news is, if found and created in time, you will be save all of man-kind.

Can you sneak into his lab to find the ingredients to create the cure and escape before his return? Humanity's fate is in your teams hands - NO PRESSURE!

Number of Players: 2 to 10

Suggested Age Range: 10+

Escape Rate: 23%

Cost: $25/person

Difficulty (out of 5 stars):

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(ALL bookings with minors require at least 1 adult in the room as part of the count)